Guitar Lessons

Astonished by the precision and power of each note of a guitar? Allow us to teach you how to play one of the most popular and widely used instruments in the entire world!

We provide guitar lessons to all pupils regardless of skill level whether you are just beginning with us or have been playing for years; we have songs and guitar lessons which would put even the most elite guitar players to the test. Our esteemed and highly talented tutors will ensure your skill and ability to play will far exceed what you could do before you came to us! The songs that are used when learning will vary dependent on the pupil’s skill level once they enter the class however this is solely down to strumming ability and finger placement as these are vital when performing a song.

We allow people of all ages to come in to learn an instrument, it is never too early or too late to learn something new, why not try an instrument you’ve always been entranced by? Whether that be anything from an acoustic or electric/bass guitar to even banjo’s and ukulele’s, if you think it, we will teach it!

We offer one-to-one as well as group guitar lessons depending on the pupil’s choice and learning style, this is to better their understanding of the instrument and ability to play. One-to-one guitar lessons are perfect for anyone who wants to and learns better whilst being taught on their own with specialist help, group guitar lessons allows multiple people to receive the treatment and feedback on mistakes that may have been made as a group in general, allowing everyone to improve even more so, however, again this is determined by skill level.

Whatever your age, whatever your skill set, whatever your instrument. We will ensure you will master the art of the guitar!